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  • Why Loose Leaf Tea?

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    Did You Know?

    Most Americans when they prepare their tea in the morning reach for the box of tea bags. This is in contrast to most other countries where tea is brewed directly from the loose leaves. Are Americans missing out on taste and potential health benefits when they brew their tea from bags?

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    1. Higher Quality

    When you buy loose leaf tea, you're getting whole, loose leaves with all of their essential oils intact. In contrast, the leaves that go into tea bags are leaf fragments and tea dust left over during the processing and picking of the tea leaves. The dry leaf fragments and tea dust placed into tea bags lack the essential oils found in the whole leaves and tend to be of vastly inferior quality compared to loose leaf teas.

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    2. Superior Flavor

    Rich loose leaf tea awakens the senses. Sanctuary T lovers constantly find each one of our teas to hold a taste worth indulging.

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    3. Amazing Health Benefits

    Just take a sip and your body will be pleased. With loose leaf tea, you will be getting the full leaf along with all the essential oils and nutrients you need to start your day bright and get your spirit rejuvenated.


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    Mood Chart

    Remember mood rings? Well this is an upgrade. See how your mood translates into different types of tea!

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    Caffeine Levels

    Ever wonder how much caffeine is in tea? See our infographic comparing caffeine levels of tea with other beverages.

  • steep

    How to steep tea

    New to the art of steeping loose leaf tea? Check out our simple, easy-to-follow instructions to get started in brewing your first cup.